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by Carolyn Brown *as published in the January 2022 issue of the River Valley Sun

As we start a New Year maybe some of you, myself included, are wondering” where do I fit?” I think fondly when I say that of many of the residents in the house who diligently work at a variety of puzzles. There are puzzle tables everywhere in Riverside Court, upper dining area, activity space, lounges and in some resident rooms to name a few bringing much enjoyment to so many. Now, all that to say, we have had residents move in who have never had any interest in putting a puzzle together and slowly, over time, guess what? There you may find them chatting away with other residents and enjoying time with a puzzle. And so the next question would be, is it really the puzzle or the fun in getting together with others to share and laugh? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Getting back to my question, “where do I fit,’ maybe is a reflection I always consider myself as we start a New Year. Where have I been, where am I going? Like many in the past couple of years in our covid world, we may feel a little lost in recognizing that we are not always in the driver’s seat and that many others are making decisions for us about what we should be doing and where we should be going.  Being somewhat of an independent spirit and very much liking to make my own way, and fair to say, my own decisions about what I do, this has been a tad unsettling. But the big picture focus puts it all in perspective for me when I realize I am doing what will keep ourselves and those we love and are surrounded by safe and healthy.

When we look at the photo of this puzzle piece, we see a unique shape, certain colours, tabs and indents that lead us to wonder which of many places it could fit. But the reality of life tells us there is absolutely only one place this puzzle piece is going to go. It will slide in place neatly, all colours will match and it will be exactly where it was meant to be. And so it will be with us whether in a covid world or not, we will with God’s help, find the place exactly we are meant to fit. Like putting a puzzle together, and I dare you to ask those who do it, it will require great patience, trial and error, trust that it will fit where you hope and eyes wide open to see all there is to see. Do I go here, do I go there, is this where I fit, and then, at that moment when you may least expect it, there is the fit. The puzzle is complete. We are thankful. Happy New Year from the “Big Yellow house!!”