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by Carolyn. L. Brown of our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB.

Here we are once again welcoming the last two months of the year. When I came down the drive to Riverside around 8 am the other morning, this picture reflects a bit of what I saw although, as we often say, the picture does not do it justice. Even though the leaves are gone we can still strongly appreciate the beauty of the river and the splendor of the sky that welcomes the day around the “ big yellow house”.

Needless to say, we continue to have construction workers about the house as we strive to renovate preparing for our new Memory Care Unit. I can’t begin to express enough thanks to the residents for their patience and understanding and to the staff as well. The only ones who don’t seem disturbed in any way are our friendly deer around our home who still come and go and keep us entertained.

We have been busy these last weeks with new inquiries both for permanent placement as well as having a look through thinking about a winter stay. I must say the folks touring through are again, especially understanding of our renovations. I was delighted recently to have a surprise visit from a gentleman who had recently come to stay with us after heart surgery for respite before returning home. We had a great chat and he said he was so pleased he was able to come here to recover and said he had not one complaint. He said he made his mind up when he came to stay the full 6 weeks recommended and devoted himself to getting his walking and exercises in and making a full recovery. Seeing him yesterday, I would say he was successful.

As we prepare for our Remembrance Day Service and think ahead to December and all it brings, we are pleased to see our residents engage in activities. Decorating may be a bit trickier with the renovations happening but we remember it isn’t all about decorations. It is about coming together regardless of the surroundings. As I was out in the early morning I was looking at the many Veterans Posters hanging along the streets and was remembering my dad who shares one in my hometown with his younger brother. My dad spoke little of his service but thankfully my mother made sure we knew what it was all about and instilled in us children the respect it so deserves.

The robins have gone, the leaves have fallen but the door of the “big yellow house” is always open to welcome you. Come for a visit, a tour or just to participate in some of the many things we have happening in our home, and yes, it is a home.