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AUGUST 2, 2022


(AS RELEASED BY THE TOWN OF SHELBURNE) Since our spring announcement on the decision to replace the Municipal Corporation’s ownership of Roseway Manor, the Nova Scotia’s Department of Seniors and Long Term Care was asked to facilitate finding a qualified and experienced operator for Roseway Manor. The province invited local, qualified, for-profit AND non-profit service providers to submit proposals to operate as well as eventually replace and/or renovate the facility. The timeline was extended when an additional local organization asked to be considered as a potential operator and their submission was reviewed along with eight others.

The province utilized the Expression of Interest approach to ensure a timely and smooth transition to a qualified and experienced operator for residents and their families. Residents and their families are, and will always remain, the number one priority for the province, the municipalities, the Board of Directors and the staff of Roseway Manor.

We are most pleased to announce that the Department of Seniors and Long Term Care have advised us that the successful proponent is MacLeod Group Health Services.

MacLeod Group is the current owner and operator of Surf Lodge in Lockeport in addition to 11 other locations throughout the Maritimes. The company presently employs over 1,000 staff who care for over 640 residents. All of their facilities are in smaller communities, creating and retaining sustainable employment, that also contributes to the well-being of their communities. This aligns perfectly with one of the key priorities of the Board of Directors and the three municipalities. As the new operator of Roseway Manor, the MacLeod Group will report to the Board of Directors until such time as the ownership is transferred.

Residents, and their families, can expect the same quality of care, programs and services already being delivered by the caring staff of Roseway Manor. MacLeod Group is committed to continuing this focus, further investing in the education and training of staff, and ensuring safe, healthy living and work environments for all at the Roseway Manor. They are also committed to honouring all employee relationships with the excellent staff members who provide such quality care on a day-to-day basis to ensure as seamless a transition as possible.