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by Carolyn Brown *As published in the May 2021 issue of the River Valley Sun

Some of our gardening club members from L to R: Rita Harrison, Rita Hawketts, Betty Hatt

An old Chinese proverb says “ Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” Well, the Gardening Club at Riverside Court is not standing still and have planting all done and continue to be excited and busy transplanting and watering flowers with eager anticipation to the time when they can transplant outdoors. This group of ladies is getting so much enjoyment from their time spent together laughing and chatting as they gather to care for the plants. I noticed a detailed chart with a watering schedule all drawn up for everyone to have a turn at watering. These ladies are organized.

Arleeta Currie and Doris Barrie planting lots of seeds

I’m thinking that just like those plants, if we are going to live, we need to grow. Like those plants which are going through a transformation from one stage to the next, we too, need to change to experience growth. I would say, and I can only speak for myself, I have been known to” dig my heels in,” on occasion, mostly because it is exposing me to something I may be trying to resist. We don’t always welcome change but it is conducive to growth. After all, we don’t want to be “stuck in a rut,” we might miss something!! Again, speaking for myself!!

We are so glad here at Riverside Court to see growth in ways that excite us. The residents continue to involve themselves in activities and are embracing every opportunity in this early spring to sit and walk out doors. We notice opportunities for outdoor visitation starting also which allows visitors to call for an appointment, be screened upon arrival and then visit outdoors with residents more frequently than current regulations allow inside. Together we will continue to make the very best of a difficult situation.

Speaking this past Sunday, I used a statement I had read recently that suggested if we spend all out time smelling the roses, we may miss all the daisies growing in our own front yard. We’ve heard it time and again, each day is a gift. Make it all it can be. The daisies are the simple everyday things of life set before us to enjoy. Roses are the mountain top experiences and we need them both. Relationships are meant to grow over time amongst both the roses and daisies. Aging doesn’t allow you a reprieve because It is a life long journey and you are not off the hook because of your age!!