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by Carolyn Brown *as published in the July 2021 issue of the River Valley Sun

As I walk around the “big yellow house” (aka our Riverside Court location), it is so encouraging to see signs of summer and what a joy to have our residents going out constantly to walk and sit and enjoy the beauty of it all. Fall and winter crept through the house along with a new way of life which we were forced to embrace but not with open arms. Yet, we are here in summer with the Riverside Gardening Group thrilled with their efforts and the house ready for Canada Day as we celebrate in a much quieter and respectful way along with the rest of the country. We are also encouraged by the changes we see happening in small steps in our covid world and eagerly anticipate continued improvements and freedoms.

We love to partner with other groups and organizations in our wider community sharing in the life that surrounds us. What a joy it has been to have a couple of 4 H Groups do special things for our residents this year. The latest opportunity was a thrill indeed to our Gardening Club here at MacLeod Riverside Court. The River Valley 4 H Club and Slipp Farms in Hartland built four portable garden planters to be donated to Senior and Nursing homes in the area. As the photo reflects, Doris Barrie from our Gardening Club and 4 H member Kyle MacMillan were all smiles when we had ours delivered. We have to admit, our GM Brad MacMillan had a pretty big smile too as Kyle is his son. As we embrace soft breezes, children’s laughter, rainbows after the rains, and the opportunity to just “be” in nature, our wish for all is for family and friends to again be able to be together and to know the sun is shining again and we can just let it wrap us like a warm blanket, be a little bit lazy in the joy of it all and let our hearts be ever grateful. Blessings on all to have and enjoy a wonderful summer!