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by Carolyn Brown *as published in the August 2021 issue of the River Valley Sun

Normally, when we say” tis’ the season,” we are thinking of snowmen and reindeer. For me, watching the back patio activity at MacLeod Riverside Court, it means SUMMER!!! Our Gardening Club ladies and Activity Director, Amber, and of course, Maintenance Manager James, have the grounds looking just lovely and the residents are enjoying their out- door time. As you can see from the photos, BBQ Season is well under way. Mark and Marilyn Hartley were so pleased to be able to come again this year and cook mom, Muriel Hartley, lunch on the back patio. Muriel tells me how very proud she is of all her family and what a blessing in her life they are.

Mark, Marilyn and Muriel Hartley

Jennifer Kants, our Dietary Manager handles a BBQ very well also, but Dietary cook Vicki decided she just better stop by to check things out. From all the smiles it was easy to tell everything was as it should be. Atta girl, Jenn!!!

Ah, isn’t it great when all is as it should be. Whose measuring tape do we use to see if all is as it should be? Amidst the beauty of summer and vibrant growth we might deem the measure to be volumes of sunshine and greenness of leaves. Or could it be children’s laughter in the park or your own back yard, or maybe yet, the mist of fog across the lake as the breaking sun casts shadows of a day waking up serenaded by a loons call. Our measuring tape can be a very individual and personal one.

Vicki and Jennifer, members of the MacLeod Cares Dietary Staff

What we see here at Riverside Court as a measure is the warmth of a smile, spending time with each other, being there for each other, being compassionate  and understanding and recognizing it is not necessarily what we have and what we know but how we share what we have including talents, and what we do with what we know. I will say also, that aging does not mean we no longer have gifts and talents. They may change over time, but I see them exhibited every day by our senior residents in their interactions with each other and our staff.  When we meet again in September, what will our measure be? Blessings to all in your continued journey of summer!! Measure it well!!