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by Carolyn Brown *As published in the April 2021 issue of the River Valley Sun

Game Time with (L to R): Arleeta Currie, Betty Hatt, Mable Ebbett, Rita Harrison

In a recent conversation with a friend, and I will name no names, it was said, as we ended our chat, “no one ever said it would last forever.” Now that may not sound like the most profound statement you have ever heard, but for me, that day, in the time and place I was in, it was profound, so I will hope my friend reads this and remembers saying it as I say thank you, Gary Beatty. Ooops, did I mention a name!

Our residents are excited knowing they have all now received their first covid shot and nearly all our staff have as well, or are booked to receive it very soon. We have been safe and well and have weathered the storm thus far with continued support from family and friends. We long for the day when we can unlock the doors, welcome all visitors whenever they want and mix freely in and out of the home without masks. I remember the statement again, “no one ever said it would last forever.”

 The dictionary tells us “ forever”  is for all future time, lasting or permanent. How thankful are we that no one has said covid is forever. We think respectfully of another old saying,” this too shall pass”. But really, sometimes when we are in the middle of it and dealing with another change in protocol or restriction in visitation, hoping against hope people will understand or reading about new cases, we ask will this ever go away? When you live and work it every day, it is hard to think beyond that moment in time. Is there an expression that says you can’t see the forest for the trees? Well that might be any of us through covid, but beauty surrounds us as we see small gains in an ever changing world and the raptured signs of spring.

 Sometimes, I personally shut the news off or shut down my tablet and join my husband in watching one of those” feel good movies” that always have a happy ending. Here at Riverside Court we have had opportunities to just have fun and we have seized them. Just look at the group of ladies in our photo this month on the third floor lounge where we can find them most afternoons laughing and playing games. That is when they are not putting puzzles together or celebrating a birthday or spending an evening watching TV together.

Betty Hatt’s birthday celebration

And what is in it for me, you may ask? Well, knowing they would be there playing games, I decided I needed a photo so ventured up only to enjoy ten or so minutes laughing with them and joking as they gave me a hard time about getting their picture taken and had to be persuaded to co: operate or else. They will laugh when they read this knowing what a threatening presence I am.  It is so nice to know these ladies are sharing their time and building friendships outside regularly scheduled activities. This is one of the additional luxuries of being surrounded by friends, new and old in “the big yellow house”.

And so all this to say we are all well, welcoming the beauty of springtime, the ice going out in the river, those first flocks of geese,planting flowers for our outdoor planters, sitting in the sun on the patios, walking on the outdoor paths and fully aware that change is inevitable because “ no one said it would last forever.” Happy Spring everyone.