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by Carolyn. L. Brown of our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB.

One could say that Linda has an infectious Christmas Spirit. She is on the prowl in “ the big yellow house” to see what excitement she can muster up with the other residents and some in her circle of friends don’t take much convincing. When she heard about the Resident Christmas Dinner coming up, she asked a few friends about learning to play the bells, and her friend, Gail Fellows-DeGrace, would be the perfect teacher. Well, little did she know she would have a lounge full when they came together for their first practice, but they did, much to everyone’s delight.

Enthusiasm like Linda’s doesn’t take long to spread and how thankful are we here in “ the big yellow house”. Linda came to us first in January of 2023, after her husband’s passing in November to address some health concerns resulting from being his primary caregiver for several years. As her health improved and she joined in activities and moved about the home, she made some wonderful friendships. Her intent was always to return to her home on the Tobique for a while, spend the summer, get it ready to sell and further decide what the next move was going to be. However, by late April, Linda came to see me with a deposit on an apartment for her return to Riverside in late July or August. She just couldn’t imagine not seeing all these new friends again and enjoying her time with them so a plan was in place as she left.

Well, what can I say? I rounded the corner heading for my office in early May, and who was standing there ready to move back into her new apartment, but Linda, with a wide, happy smile. The house would sell in time, and did, but she knew she wanted to be here with her friends, so by May 10th, she was back at MacLeod Riverside Court.

One of Linda’s many talents is quilting and sewing and many in the home have little gifts she has made for them in her sewing room. She loves making baby blankets for family and friends among other treasures.  She operates with a small quilting frame in her second bedroom space and is happiest when her fingers are flying, friends are visiting, or seeing what mischief she can get into. Her apartment cozily reflects all her interests and passions which leaves you with a feeling of comfort and peace after a visit with her. Merry Christmas everyone!!