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Media Release – January 15, 2020

MacLeod Riverside Court Announces Launch of Virtual Care Service for Residents Woodstock, NB

MacLeod Riverside Court is pleased to announce a new virtual medical care service for our residents. A newly formed partnership with eVisitNB and Beacon Clinical Group called eVisitNB Virtual 1st will bring access to virtual care delivered in the comfort of the resident’s own suite. Residents will be able to access timely medical services from physicians and nurse practitioners to meet their immediate and on-going care needs including:

Eligibility and enrolment are included for all residents at no charge. Fees for the service are on a cost-recovery basis and typically will be $49.00 per use. This will cover the services of a nurse practitioner, as this service is currently not covered by Medicare.

“I could not begin to count the number of people I have spoken to who have asked about access to a physician or nurse practitioner when considering coming to live in our home. It is exciting to be able to provide this service, and it will be a relief to family members knowing their loved one can be provided with this care package.” Carolyn Brown-Community and Family Relations Manager at MacLeod Riverside Court.

“We are excited to partner in this joint initiative with Beacon Clinical Group to improve access to virtual care for seniors to help them live longer and healthier in the location of their choice” Dr. Hanif Chatur, cofounder of eVisitNB.

“Beacon Clinical Group is delighted to partner with eVisitNB to revisit the long-forgotten concept of general practitioners making house calls within our communities,” said Wyers-Culbert. “The reimagined concept of a ‘virtual house call’ eliminates common barriers to accessing medical care (lack of primary care provider, scheduling challenges and mobility concerns),” she continued. “Imagine the long-forgotten days of calling your primary care provider and being seen that same day. We now have that at our fingertips!”

 “With the ever-increasing demand for local physicians time, and the hesitancy for some seniors to want to address medical concerns due to wait times and the perceived burden this may put on family or friends, we are excited to be able to offer this cutting edge service to the residents of Riverside Court”-Brad MacMillan-General Manager-MacLeod Riverside Court

MacLeod Riverside Court is a leading provider of seniors’ accommodations, care and services on a beautiful 16.5-acre site overlooking the Saint John River in Woodstock, New Brunswick. As a MacLeod Cares facility, we offer a mix of Independent Living, Retirement Living and Special Care services throughout our mix of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. Our dedicated team works in partnership with residents, family members, caregivers and health care providers to ensure our residents receive optimal support.