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by Carolyn L. Brown from our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB.

On Tuesday, February 21st, a new notice went up on our entry door here at MacLeod Riverside Court. It states that we no longer have to wear masks on the private side of our home. The news has been well received as you can imagine, but as we move forward we are recognizing that we have picked up and retained some very good habits in hand washing, sanitizing, cleaning and, yes, not licking our fingers when we are trying to separate papers!

I don’t know what there is about the month of March, but when I look at the Activity Calendar here in the “big yellow house”, there seem to be more birthdays on there than I’ve seen in some other months. I know someone else with a March birthday but we aren’t saying much about that! Always remember, age is just a number in your head. Make of it what you will and always keep on the upward side. See, that’s easy to do!

Now when I look out around the house today, I feel like saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Spring. After another storm yesterday, it is quite the winter wonderland. I will say our very dedicated seniors who love to walk are outside every day they can possibly go. The extreme cold and the ice kept them inside, but not a little snow. Never!!

I love to torment the “boss” from time to time, that Brad MacMillan fellow! Now he has been desperately trying everything to entice cardinals to his feeders and I have so kindly shared all I know with him as I have them all the time, even more than one pair. He tells me he has great luck with chickadees, and I tell him they are pretty cute too, but he’s not buying it. He wants a cardinal.

Well, last evening when I got home and sat down for a minute in my window chair, looking at this winter wonderland, guess what was at my feeder looking in at me? Brad and I had just had a “bird feeder” conversation before I left work, so could I resist sending him this lovely picture? Not a chance!! Was he impressed? I don’t think so, but I was allowed to come to work the next day!

So we do look forward to Spring and all it brings, we pray Brad gets a cardinal and we remain inspired by our dedicated walkers. Blessings to all.