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by Carolyn L. Brown from our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB.

As I ramble all over the “big yellow house” looking, in particular, at the studios we have furnished for folks needing to come in for a respite stay or often times a winter stay, I am struck by the simple fact we are looking August full on and the questions surrounding winter stays are beginning. So that leads me to ask, “where has the summer gone?” Didn’t I just write an article welcoming spring?

Our furnished studios provide a welcome relief for those who may want to step away from snow removal and winter maintenance and relax in a social setting while someone else worries about meals, laundry, and housekeeping. A full activity calendar awaits you as well as a menu planned weekly with choices and we do have weekly van trips to various stores and locations so you can pick things up if you prefer not to drive yourself. Alternatively, we provide these suites also to those coming from a hospital setting who may just need a bit of time and some extra care. We can provide Health Care hours to these residents until they fully recover and return home. We have had several of these over the last year with successful outcomes. We do require some basic paperwork prior to arrival so we can be fully aware of dietary needs and other possible concerns.

Our respite and winter stay rooms are fully furnished, but we do welcome folks to bring their favourite chair and any personal pictures or items they may like to make it home. Some like to bring their own phone or TV that they are more familiar with. We do provide Rogers CableTV, a telephone, wifi and the Igeacom lifeline system are part of the room. With Health Care workers in our home 24 hours a day because of our Level 2 Special Care wing, the igeacom system does leave access to Health Care if needed and I have to say, it has been appreciated by many.

Those who may wish to come live with us permanently can choose from studios, one or two bedroom units as they are available on the private side of our home. We do, of course, have a Level 2 Special Care home but the individual must be assessed by Social Development and approved for placement if we have an available space. We cannot individually make the decision to place someone in Special Care without that assessment process having been followed. If you feel your loved one needs assessment we can provide the initial contact number to start that process.

We welcome your inquiries at any time to further discuss availability and will be happy to set up an appointment to have you visit either for permanent stays or for a winter or respite stay. I can be reached at 506-325-7507.

Blessing all as you enjoy the remaining days of summer!!