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by Carolyn Brown of our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB.

Well, now, there’s an expression we have all heard before. I thought of it upon finding the photos included with this article of rocks painted by a group of ladies here at MacLeod Riverside Court. As with most activities in the house, there was lots of laughter and fellowship as the painting went on. Maybe the bigger reason for thinking of that expression for me comes down to difficult conversations with families over the last many months who have loved ones facing such huge changes in their lives. The expression suggests you are faced with two equally difficult choices and making the right choice can leave you filled with anxiety and all the “what if” questions.

As we continue renovations to accommodate the Memory Care Unit and see our Level 2 residents settle in to their newly renovated spaces, we still maintain private studios and one and two bedroom suites for those who are experiencing difficulties in keeping up with all a home requires in upkeep and maintenance. We refer to this as the “private” side of our home as it does not require involvement with Social Development but can be a private family decision. That in itself, however, does not mean leaving one’s home is an easy decision. It never is.

When someone comes to me to see our home and ask the questions, is it time, am I ready, we answer all the questions and provide every bit of information we can, and then you will hear me tell them that they won’t hear from me again. If they want me, they know where to find me. That may seem odd for someone who spent most of her career in the Real Estate world, but remember, we are dealing with people in a highly emotional states trying to make a choice that will affect every aspect of their life going forward. They are “ between a rock and a hard place.” I don’t find a sales pitch or pressure tactics in those circumstances works. Trust me, they always reach back if they are truly ready.

Now let’s reference back to that photo and the smiling faces. I can only say in my time here that is how it always plays out in the end. Coming with your heart pounding, wondering if you did the right thing will find you a few days later engaged in fun and laughter and making new friends. Every resident here, for the most part, has come under the same circumstances and at the end of the day, every one is so thankful they” made the right move.”

We welcome you to visit “the big yellow house.”