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by Carolyn Brown *as published in the March 2022 issue of the River Valley Sun

Residents making centerpieces under the guidance of Dietary Manager, Jenn Kants.

Awwwwww, here we are. The excitement of a new season spells many things but especially this year when we have been so burdened in so many ways over the last two years. And yet, all those times when we tripped up gave us an opportunity to make that step part of a new dance. We have had to cash in on different ways to feed our spirits and to acknowledge that oftentimes there was no one stopping us from doing something new or different than ourselves. Has it been hard some days to believe in even yourself? Have you found yourself thinking you just can’t dig that deep today? Well, a leap of faith might allow you to fly, recognizing you are the only one stopping you might show you there is no one stopping you!!

Let’s look at how far we have come and focus on the strengths we’ve gained versus the losses, let the winter’s snow make us appreciate the spring rains and know that a silver lining and happiness can be found in the littlest things. We can only see the rainbows when we look up!!

Here at MacLeod Riverside Court, we refused to stop. We have gardened, we have sung, we have quilted, played Bingo, walked the hallways and outdoors, enjoyed games, crafted, celebrated birthdays, had tea and conversation times, we’ve exercised and had devotions and church, recycled and gone shopping with the van. We have visited each other, laughed and shared. We have chosen to decide that life is going to be what we choose to make it and these residents I am here to tell you make it all that it can be. They are an inspiration to me.

We are excited to be speaking about some spring projects to draw in our wider community so I advise you to be on the lookout for what we may bring your way. We are eager to support the community and local area as a way of saying thank you for supporting us and our seniors and look forward to the day when we say “welcome home” to everyone. We are always open to new and fresh ideas and look forward to the time when our home can be used by the community for various things so reach out to us if you have an idea to discuss.