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by Carolyn L. Brown from our Riverside Court location in Woodstock, NB

Well now, the reason that title popped in to my head this AM was simply because it is a cold February 1st morning and we have been so spoiled this winter by the “not so cold” temperatures. It is “refreshing”, temperature wise to say the least, but also refreshing to know this too shall not last!!

Life here in “the big yellow house”, remains a flurry of activity with the Quilt Guild back once a month, musicians coming to entertain, the Gardening Club getting active again, The Recycling Club just never quits and we clearly know the Knitting Club is as busy – and generous – as ever with their donations to our wider Community. I am told there are hats and mittens being delivered to the school today honoring the “ Be Kind To Evan” day. Thank you again, Ladies. 

It warmed my heart to get a call on the weekend past telling me I had received a bouquet of flowers here at my workplace and in reading the card, to have a family member express how thrilled they were to be calling their mom who had only been here a couple of days, and hearing her laugh and be so excited and happy to be here. Those are the life moments when you breathe and think, “yes, I did something good the other day.” That in itself lessens the heartaches of so many calls received that we are unable to assist. Many people do not realize that we cannot simply place someone in our Level 2 Special Care Wing. That process involves Social Development and an assessment by their staff to define the Health Care needs and whether the individual qualifies as a resident for that wing. Moving forward from that, if assessed as Level 2, it would then depend on our availability of space at the time. We do currently have space available for Level 2 residents. All that to say, I have met and had conversations with some wonderful people and family members trying to help their loved ones through all of this and it again warms my heart to hear them often say,” don’t feel bad, we are just so thankful to have had someone hear us out and give us lots of time.”

We spoke this morning at Devotions about the small things in life and being of service to others. Listening can be a minor thing in our world but can be a mountain top experience for someone else. Let’s take the time and as I used to say when teaching kindergarten” put on our listening ears!!!”